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shitblowsover's Journal

Lord Master Badass
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I'm Lucas. How are you?

I like darts, video games, music, and lots of other stuff. I don't like hatred, racism, or beets. I have awesome friends who I don't see nearly often enough. I have amazing distaste for reality television shows.

Did you know that irregardless isn't a word?

I keep things fairly private here, but I'm also fairly open to new ideas, people, and things. Send me a message if you want to know more.

Of course, he can worship a prostitute in all innocence. But once he realizes that his woman is a slut, and that he has been living an illusion that merely serves to reflect the image of his own purity, will he be able to love this woman again? If he can, don't you think that would be marvelous? To make your own ideal and bend the world to it like that. Wouldn't that be a remarkable force? It would be like holding the secret key to life right there in your hand, wouldn't it?
10.000 days, 25, 8 dart cricket, 9 counts, 9 dart 501, a listening ear, alcohol, all i see, argentina, bariloche, being a great friend, being a patriot, being a wine enthusiast, better hugs, blind guardian, brewing beer, burninating stupid things/people, business meetings with wine, buying all of new mexico, darts, discovering new drinks, don't just call me pessimist, dredg, drive by hugging, embracing the random, gansta rap, george r. r. martin, good friendships, good music, hamburgler, harris county darts association, hating money, hating stupid people, hcda, hurt, interests with more than four words, interpersonal relationships, iron maiden, made-up words, making new friends, making out, naps at work, networking, never reading of mice and men, new mexico, nightwish, o crap, oh no!, perito moreno, political ranting, politics, psoriasis, psychology, qp's, rebuilding experiences, relationships, setting unattainable goals, sex, smoking & smokers rights, soccer, success, tarja, texas, the harp, the institute for civility in government, there is no i in team, tierra del fuego, to breath to feel to know i'm alive, tool, traveling new places, tryandreadbetweenlines, tun80's, unplanned road trips, ushuaia, what's a name?, whatever will bewilder me, words, wp's